Agency Terms & Conditions


This document elucidates the principal commercial terms proffered by Great Britain Cars. We have crafted these terms with transparency in mind, intending to clarify the roles, responsibilities, rights, and duties associated with the quality services we provide.

1. Company and Service Profile:

2. Contractual Terms:

  • Making a reservation with Great Britain Cars signifies a commitment to engage in our services based on the stipulated terms. The mutual contract becomes binding when a confirmation email is shared by Great Britain Cars with the client.


  • Before 12 hours from the scheduled pickup time: Clients are entitled to a full refund.
  • Within 12 hours of the pickup time: Refunds are typically withheld. Exceptions include verified flight cancellations, in which case a full refund will be processed.

4. Pricing Mechanism:

  • Prices at Great Britain Cars are steadfast. Once a booking is cemented, the client is assured that the fare remains consistent, underpinning our commitment to transparent dealings.

5. Child Safety Provisions:

  • In alignment with the UK Government Guidelines , Great Britain Cars ensures that children and infants can travel without the mandatory use of child or infant car seats. For specific car seat requests, an additional charge of £15 per infant/child will apply.

6. Vehicle Selection:

  • It's incumbent upon the clients to pick a suitable vehicle, ensuring it can accommodate both passengers and luggage. The fleet options are comprehensively listed on Great Britain Cars Fleet. Should a client receive a vehicle different from what was booked, necessary adjustments will be made.

7. Lost Items Procedure:

Should personal belongings be left in our vehicles, Great Britain Cars will make immediate attempts to contact the rightful owner. If our efforts do not yield success, the items will be securely stored until further arrangements can be made.

Great Britain Cars fervently encourages all clients to familiarise themselves with these terms, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy service experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you provide the service from Luton airport to Bracknell?

Ans. Yes

Q. Do you provide the service from Luton airport to Bracknell?

Ans. Yes

Q. Do you provide the service from Luton airport to Bracknell?

Ans. Yes

Q. Do you provide the service from Luton airport to Bracknell?

Ans. Yes

Q. Do you provide the service from Luton airport to Bracknell?

Ans. Yes

Q. Do you provide the service from Luton airport to Bracknell?

Ans. Yes

Our Clients Testimonials


I ordered a cab in the morning and the driver arrived on time and where I asked. We are very happy with the service provided and will use them again if needed.


It is difficult to provide reliable services at the same time. No more, their service allows people like us to travel to the last mile.

Great service

The driver, was punctual, pleasant, and extremely helpful. The company maintained excellent and practical communication and made certain that everything was in order. Definitely recommend

Good response

Perfect service on time. 15 minutes earlier on the way back! thanks!

Responsible Service

Our 24/7 customer support is responsive and ready to help if you need it. You can trust them and have a great experience.

Everything is fine.

The ride was very comfortable, except that the cab was big enough to fit all our luggage. 15: Reliable, but better!

When it comes to efficient travel, you can count on their services.

Support was excellent

It was a wonderful experience. The cabin was very clean and tidy. The driver arrived on time for the meet and greet service. Maintenance work was also carried out in the salon

Just Splendid

Their drivers are qualified and experienced. You can trust them and have a great experience.

VIP service

I consider your service a 5 star experience. The flight was delayed by 2 hours and arrived at Seville airport at 2 am. I emailed support and got a quick reply that the agent will update my driver. The driver was waiting for me in the arrival hall and I got there. All the people I interacted with were fun and entertaining.

Immediate response

We were very satisfied with the service. The driver was waiting for us when we arrived and quickly took us to the hotel.


Efficient service, very easy payment process, smooth communication, no need to wait for a cab;

Very pleasant driver, clean car, excellent service. Thanks.